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Chem Clean
Furniture Restoration
Fax: 1-973-361-0033


244 Route 46
Mine Hill, New Jersey 07803

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Equipment & process

Stripping : We have been restoring furniture for over 30 years now.
We use no dipping, no heat and no water in our process
We can saely strip you wood, veneers, inlays and laminates without
damaging glued joints or patina and without raising the wood grain

Finishing : Once your piece of furniture is stripped to bare wood we spray the
the item with our high quality finish that resists water, alcoholic beverages etc.

Repairs : We have a complete wood working shop to make all of the necessary repairs
Including new turnings and other parts. Loose joints are reglued.
New hardware can be supplied

Upholstery : For items that need upholstery work done on them. we use: Moores Upholstery

contact us at 973-361-0033 for more information

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